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The “Legali in Villa” law firm at the forefront of the diamond fraud investigation.

Lo studio “Legali in Villa” è coinvolto, nell’accezione più positiva del termine, nell’inchiesta che sta scuotendo in questi ultimi giorni il mondo bancario per la vendita truffa di alcuni diamanti avvenuta agli sportelli bancari di Banco Bpm, Banca Aletti, Mps, UniCredit e Intesa san Paolo. Le denunce sporte da alcuni assistiti dello studio “Legali in…
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The website and intellectual property

With the development of new technologies and the advent of Web 2.0, the need to interface with the issue of protecting the rights recognized by the owner of a multimedia work, in particular a website, portals and / or pages similar to them. The creator of an Internet site, a web page, an App or…
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The maintenance of the adult child: until when is it due?

It is well known that it is incumbent on each parent the duty to maintain the offspring, to provide for their interests and for their formation. Reasonable questions, however, may arise for the parent at the moment in which the child, meanwhile grown up, continues to perceive the maintenance. In other words, how long is…
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