Lawyer Alice Gigante

Born in Carpi (MO), on January 16th 1990, she graduated in March 2015 at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with a research thesis in mediation and arbitration law.

Enrolled in the Modena Bar Association in May 2015, in the same year she began her legal practice at Avvocati Associati & Partners in Modena, where she gained experience in drafting contracts and judicial documents relating to disputes in various areas of civil law ( labor law and social security, family law, inheritance and inheritance law, compensation in general and motor liability, condominium law, civil and commercial leases, debt collection, real estate and movable property, commercial law).

Supported the state exam written in December 2016, he obtained the title of Lawyer on January 25, 2018, enrolling in the Register of Lawyers of the Modena Bar Association.

From 2015 to today, he has participated in numerous conferences and training courses on the subject of substantive law and civil procedural law, with particular attention to labor law.

Since 2016 it has deepened the legislation concerning the processing of personal data, approaching the subject of IT law and privacy, participating in professional courses, meetings and short masters.

From the attainment of the title of lawyer, he establishes the seat of his own independent professional activity at the law firm of avv. Barbara Manferdini in Carpi (MO), with whom she has collaborated since 2015.

In 2019 the partnership with the law firm in Villa begins, located in Correggio (RE), where it establishes a further site for its activity.

Today it provides legal advice and advocacy in various areas of civil law, both out-of-court and judicial, and deals with assistance, adaptation, training and corporate audit in the field of privacy, with particular attention to the recent European Regulation 679/2016 – GDPR.

The young age is a guarantee of a strong desire to continuously update the skills acquired so far, to learn and to put to the test.