Lawyer Barbara Manferdini

Education and training

The lawyer Barbara Manferdini was born in Carpi (MO) where she resides on 12.03.1974.

He graduated from the Liceo M. Fanti of Carpi in 1992 and then enrolled at the Faculty of Law of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

He graduated in Law in 2001 at the Faculty of Law of Modena and Reggio Emilia, after having worked for two years in the family business.

He also carried out study periods of about three months at:

University College St. Andrews (Scotland);
Dublin University Trinyty College;
University Columbia College State of NY.
She moved to New York for about two years from 2004-2006 where she worked for several multinationals, taking care of contracts and business and management relations between Italy and U.s.A.


He spent his forensic practice in Modena at the Capuzzo Law Firm, where he carried out an in-depth study of civil law and labor law.

In particular, he investigated the issues of mediation and agency relations, as well as having gained experience with labor disputes both in terms of union negotiations and in the context of the actual judicial dispute.

At the same time he also carried out the notarial practice at the Notary Public Office Vincenzi Dr. Paolo in Carpi, where he was able to deepen, with effective and real practice, the knowledge of the public act under various facets. In terms of understanding cadastral and mortgage surveys, in the drafting of a deed both of sale and of company.

Attained the title of Lawyer in February 2008.

He has participated in a Masters course on the portability of mortgages, the civil and labor reform, and the tax trial and the figure of the tax defender, and most recently a specialization course on conciliation.

He also attended a Master of Specialization in Labor Law and Personnel Administration, sponsored by Iposa, in November 2008 until the end of January 2009.

He participated in study seminars in 2009/2010 on stalking, family law and child protection.

In 2011 she was qualified as a professional mediator.

 In February 2012 he undertook the three-year course of the Mediation Academy integrated with the In-depth Study of NLP, coordinated by Andrea Di Gregorio.

In December 2012 he began a two-year master’s degree at Reggio Emilia, with the IFOA company, obtaining the qualification of family mediator.

2017: attends a master’s degree organized by Giuffrè Editore on civil procedure and litigation

From 31.3.17 to 11.2017 he participated in the Master published by Ipsoa in law and labor litigation based in Reggio Emilia.

He regularly obtained the forensic training credits planned and organized by the Lawyers of Modena order.

A particular specialization in the field of labor law issues, labor relations, as well as occupational safety, applied in companies.

In this regard, it puts its experience in the finalization of 231 models and privacy adaptation, with particular attention to occupational safety and hygiene.

He plays the role of mayor in some important companies in the province of Modena, and actively collaborates with various labor consultancy firms in the Modena area.

The law firm in which he carries out his professional activity is located in Carpi (MO) Via G. Falcone n. 3 and a further but secondary office in Modena in Via Giardini 432.

From 2019 he began active and active collaboration as a contact person for labor and corporate law in Correggio at the Legali in Villa.

He works actively and actively in the third sector, lending his expertise and professionalism in favor of voluntary associations rooted in the city of Carpi.