Lawyer Tiziano Panini

He received his degree “with full marks” in law, at the Faculty of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with a thesis on criminal procedure and forensic medicine, entitled “serial homicides, imputability and social defense”.

In September 2005 he began the forensic training at a well-known law firm, specialized in criminal law, c.d. “White criminal” (including corruption, medical faults, corporate criminal law, tax crimes, corporate, bankruptcy, workplace accidents, fraud against the state), thus developing experience in this sector.

In October 2008 he enrolled in the register of lawyers after having passed the admission exam, continuing to sponsor both defendants and civil parties and people injured in criminal trials, developing experience not only with regards to the c.d. white criminal, but also in relation to all other crimes, such as, for example, those against the person, the family, property (ex pluribus, persecutory acts (so-called stalking), sexual violence, murders, robberies, resistance to public injuries official, family maltreatment, defamation, etc.) as well as dealing with criminal law prisoner, being also qualified for legal aid.

He has also developed experience in the field of international criminal law, such as extraditions and European arrest warrants.

Since 2012 he has also dealt with the drafting of management and control models for companies, pursuant to Law 231/2001, and also holds the position of supervisory body, which consists, in extreme synthesis, in preparing procedures and behavioral models in order to prevent certain crimes from being perpetrated within the individual company which – by virtue of the aforementioned legislation – are capable of leading the public prosecution to “incriminate” not only the individual person responsible for the crime but also the company.

Since 2012, I have been a procedural and substantive criminal law teacher for the doctoral candidates for the vis maior state exam.

From March 2016 to March 2018 he also held the office of president of the ‘aiga, Italian association of young lawyers, Modena section, an association that aims to protect the interests and rights of young advocates and the legal profession in general, of which today is vice president.

In 2017 he was the representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, helping Italian companies to invest in the Arab Emirates and also acting as a consultant.

In 2016 and 2017 he was a member of the scientific committee of the elsa modena and reggio emilia degree award instituted by elsa more (european law students’ association) with the contribution of the university of modena and reggio emilia and related to the evaluation of graduation thesis in law.

Since September 2019 he has held the role of DPO in an association, thus operating in the field of regulation and privacy legislation, a role which, together with that of a supervisory body, allows companies to have an even more qualified supervisory figure.

Furthermore, since 2019 he has been a member of the Youth Commission of the Modena Bar Association.